Auntie Peege's Creations             

Auntie Peege's Creations

 Winter is here!  Keep the chill away with a handmade Peege! 


                              Auntie Peege's Creations are the next sensation!  Get your Peege on!   

It is not scarf or a necklace, it's something in between!

A Peege!

Peeges come in an array of colors and combinations.

They are soft, light, unique and colorfully designed using different combinations of yarn.

Peeges are created to bring focus to your face and brighten any outfit you choose to wear.  It adds color and "pop", whether you are wearing jeans, a suit or evening wear!


If you are tired of trying to find jewelry to match what you're wearing and you would enjoy a unique, quality, low-cost alternative to add to your came to the right place!  Welcome...I'm so glad you are here!